Crew Sweater - Baby Spice

Size Guide
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a perfectly imperfect Crew Sweater. The sleeves are shorter than our previous Crew's, and this particular fabric sleeve is 7/8th long (not full length). Depending on your body shape, this style could be perfect for you. Petite women (under 155cm) with shorter limbs and narrow shoulders, this style will most likely be a full-length sleeve. If you have longer limbs and broader shoulders, this style will most likely be 3/4-7/8th length sleeves. 
    Sleeve lengths per size (approx) (from shoulder seam to sleeve opening):
    8:    51cm
    10:  52cm
    12:  53cm
    14:  54cm
    16:  55cm

    Body length per size (approx):
    8:    54m
    10:  55cm
    12:  56cm
    14:  57cm
    16:  58cm

    Measure a current sweater/long sleeve top you currently own and compare it to the measurements above to get the best idea on how the sleeve length will sit on you.


    Your jeans have a new bestie this winter! The perfect, not-so-cropped length pairs beautifully with your fave bottoms and will also be easy to style with shorts/skirt once the warmer spring weather arrives.

    This seriously is one of the comfiest crew neck sweaters around, with the bonus of press studs for quick and breastfeeding access.

    You’ll get a butt load of wear out of the Crew Sweater, that’s for sure!

    - Bronze press studs for feeding access

    - Dusty pink and white stripes with crisp white sleeves and collar.
    - Super soft looped cotton fabric
 (no fleece) with some stretch
    - 100% cotton



Size Guide


We've simplified things for you in 3 easy steps. 


STEP 1 - What's Your Regular?

Ask yourself this simple question: what size do you regularly wear? 

If you usually reach for a size 12 when out shopping, we recommend doing the same virtually here. 

If you're a 12-14, we'll advise whether to size up or down on each specific product. 

If you're a 12 with a big bust, we'll also tell you if a particular style is fitted at the bust, and whether we recommend sizing up (or not). It doesn't happen often, as we're designing most of our pieces for bigger cup sizes, but this leads us to the next important step...


STEP 2 - Read the Product Descriptions Carefully

We take a lot of time writing each and every product description, and jam-packing it with oodles of size/fit information. If you know step 1, step 2 will help you choose the right size, the first time.

Each product has 3 sections:

  1. Description
  2. About the Fit
  3. Model Info 

The Description is where we let our personality shine. It's where we'll tell you how amazing you'll feel when wearing the item, and highlight all the amazing features we've designed into it.

About the Fit is probably the most important section. We describe how it fits across the bust, hips and waist, and generally overall. If you're in between size, this is where you'll find our recommendation on sizing up or down in that particular style. 

We aim to style every product on 2 different models, and the Model Info is where you can find out the models regular size, what size they're wearing in that particular style, and their detailed bust/waist/hip measurements. This section comes a close second in importance, after About the Fit. It's a great way to compare your own measurements with our models, and see what size they regularly wear vs. what size they're wearing in that particular style. 


STEP 3 - Check the Size Chart, But if in Doubt, Chat it Out. 

We base our block patterns on the below average measurements. This table should be used as a GUIDE only, after you've taken the first 2 steps. 

Moolk General
Size Guide
To fit bust
To fit waist
To fit hips
6 80-85 60-65 87-92
8 85-90 65-70 92-97
10 90-95 70-75 97-102
12 95-100 75-80 102-107
14 100-105 80-85 107-112
16 105-110 85-90 112-117

If you're still unsure, or confused, or just want reassurance you've chosen the right size, use the form below to get tailored Size + Fit Advice.


We know buying clothes online can be tricky business, especially if you've just had a baby and your body has changed. So we hope this simple 3-Step process will help you get the right size, the first time.


Optional Step: First Hand Size Advice + Recommendations

Why not join our Moolk Mama Community and ask other mums (who have tried and tested Moolk) for their first-hand size + fit advice. A community of the kindest mamas, of all shapes and sizes, sharing their fave Moolk buys. It's a supportive and safe space to share selfies, and shower each other with compliments and encouragement. You're sure to get a confidence boost!

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