Lexi Dress - Navy

    • A classic dress, elevated. Tailored to perfection, we've thought through every detail in this dress to make it so easy to slip on every day with little thought or fuss.

      Lexi features a high quality, twill textured rayon fabric. You know all those preconceived ideas you have about rayon? Throw 'em out the window, because this fabric is so luxe, and the colour has been chosen by us and custom dyed exclusively for this dress. It's a match made in heaven and you'll love how it not only feels on your skin but how it makes you *feel*.

      You will need to give this fabric some TLC. A quick steam or light iron will do the trick! As soon as you slide this beauty on though, it'll be worth the small effort, pinky promise!

      • Navy, almost azure/ocean blue with subtle twill texture
      • Button-down feeding access (bodice only)
      • Don't fear the split in the skirt. We've built a panel into the front of the skirt to ensure you won't flash anyone.
      • Functioning drawstring waist (no elastic)
      • The most divine, luxe rayon fabric
      • 100% Twill Rayon
      • Unlined (skirt is partially lined with a modesty panel as mentioned above)
      • No stretch to fabric


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