6 Realistic and Absolutely Necessary Self Care Tips for Mums

6 Realistic and Absolutely Necessary Self Care Tips for Mums

Self-care for mums can sound like a bit of a joke, especially in the early days. As mums we’re often the ones to put everyone else first, leaving our own needs ‘til last. And as for the age-old advice “sleep when the baby sleeps”? Pfft! 

The thing is, we need to take care of our physical and mental health. It may take some effort to remind ourselves, but self-care isn’t selfish, and it’s an important part of parenting. So how do you make sure you’re taking the time for yourself?

It doesn’t require a full day at the spa (although that’s wonderful if you can swing it!) Here are some of our favourite, and most importantly realistic, self-care tips for mums.
Get moving in a way that feels good for you

Whether it’s an intensive HIIT class at the nearest gym or a leisurely stroll around the block, find a way to get moving that works for you. There are some wonderful YouTube channels like Yoga with Adriene or Mylee Dance to guide you through everything from a soothing morning stretch to a quick dance break to shake off your worries. The endorphins will be pumping, your mood will be lifted and your body and mind will feel better than before! Promise.

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Breathe in  

Self-care isn’t all scented candles and sheet masks (although they are lovely). Sometimes it’s as simple as removing distractions and taking a quiet moment to ourselves. Meditation can seem a bit strange for beginners, but there are some wonderful, free apps like Smiling Mind and Insight Timer with sessions you can do in the morning, before bed or even on your lunch break. It can be a fantastic way to gain a new perspective, manage stress and anxiety, and get a better night’s sleep. 

Connect with people you care about
We’ve been focusing on alone-time so far, but spending time with loved-ones can be just as therapeutic. It can be easy to lose touch with other grownups after having a bub, but gosh it’s nice to have a conversation about something other than nappies and Paw Patrol! Scheduling a girls lunch, a quick visit with family, even a trip to the park with another mum will pay off by improving your mood. 

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Create something
We’re not talking about creating a world-class masterpiece, but there’s something pretty magical about just creating for the sake of creating. Grab a bullet journal and start doodling, download an app like Happy Colour and colour the pics that inspire you, or follow a calligraphy tutorial  and level up your penmanship. There are endless ways for a beginner to unleash their inner creativity, and endless positive benefits!

Wear something that makes you happy!
Studies have shown that the way we dress can actually boost our mood and overall confidence, so it’s no wonder that a few days in a row of old jeans and sweaters with yesterday’s breakfast on the sleeve can leave us feeling a bit ‘blah’. Some days it can feel like far too much energy to piece an outfit together, but make the effort every once in a while to throw on something that makes you feel like YOU. A bright colour, a beautiful summery dress, a comfy cosy knit - whatever it takes to boost that dopamine in your brain. If you’re stuck on what the heck to wear… stick around! We’re here to help with that. 

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At the end of the day, self-care for mums shouldn’t be something we feel guilty for. It may not always come naturally at first, but ensuring your own needs are being met before you meet the needs of your kids is an important part of being a parent. So try some of our tips and take care of you, mama!