Join the kindest mums on the internet.

"Here are ladies who actually understand my body struggles and what kind of clothes will make us feel better."

The Moolk Mama Community

A place where you can feel supported and empowered not only on your breastfeeding journey, but down that often bumpy road to rediscovering your postpartum style. All in a safe and uplifting space. You'll be surrounded by the kindest mums on the internet all sharing their journeys alongside you.

It's a supportive community where selfies are welcomed (no 'apologies for the messy room' necessary!) and you'll get a confidence boost from all the compliments and encouragement that will come your way.

Looking for sizing advice? You’ll have a platform to freely ask oodles of other mamas who’ve tried, tested and love their Moolk goodies for their first-hand feedback to help you find the perfect fit.  

Come and join us, we'd love to welcome you with a big virtual squeezy hug (and virtual glass of bubbles… ok, ok, but a mama can dream!)

Mum's The Word!


I love how supportive and fun group this is! It’s very nice getting advice on the different Moolk styles and accessories etc but I sometimes just come here to read the positive comments - and they always cheer up my day 😄❤️

Moolk Mama Johanna

❤️ I’ve only recently joined this group but it’s been really lovely seeing the positive and uplifting conversation and advice. A group that is truly there just to support other women that they may not even know 👏🏼☺️

Moolk Mama Maddison

I just love how everyone gives honest advice, it makes me feel like when I'm struggling I'm not by myself, not everyone has "instagram worthy lives" all the time it reminds me I'm human and its ok to have a day in pjs on the lounge.

Moolk Mama Leticia

Increase my postpartum body confidence! Here are ladies who actually knows the body struggles and what kind of clothes will make us feel better ❤️

Moolk Mama Irene

I love that it's a community rather than a business page and you always respond so quickly and so helpfully! I love how comfortable this page is and how these mummas have supported me to feel about my post partum body, and I just bloody love the clothes!!! 💞💞

Moolk Mama Hannah

I’ve only recently joined this group but I love the support and honest feedback that’s given to everyone. Also love that the clothes are breastfeeding friendly but also suitable to wear when you’re no longer breastfeeding!

Moolk Mama Kate

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