A shift in the right direction.

Moolk is a brand built on love, respect, and compassion. For us, it means every person our brand touches is treated with dignity and respect, including you and the people who make our garments.

Ethical Mindset

In this next chapter of the brand's ethical responsibility, we're operating under a focused mindset of: No fast fashion, no overproduction, just meaningful pieces designed to last a lifetime.

Who makes our clothes?

We’ve searched the globe for manufacturing partners who align with Moolk’s values and commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion. All our clothes are designed here in Brisbane, and manufactured by our trusted suppliers. 

Hangzhou, China
We currently work with four factories in China; one that specialises in machined knits, two in woven fabrics and one in jersey fabrics. Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with each supplier, and had the opportunity to visit two of three factories in person. Like all our suppliers, these partners were handpicked by us not only for their expertise and quality, but also for their shared commitment to ethical manufacturing. We’ll continue making regular trips to China (when it’s safe, of course) to inspect/reinspect and forever be asking questions to ensure Moolk is always adhering to ethical and environmental standards. 

"Ethical manufacturing isn't a destination, it's an ongoing process"

Our Commitment

We are committed to adhering to and aligning with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions in relation to ethical trade and the Ethical Trade Initiative base code which states:

  • That employment be freely chosen, not forced, bonded or resulting in involuntary prison labour;
  • That working conditions are safe and hygienic;That child labour will not be permitted;
  • That living wages should be paid;That working hours are not excessive;
  • That discrimination should never be permitted or tolerated;
  • That regular employment is provided;That harsh or inhumane treatment should not be allowed; and
  • Commitment to compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and a commitment to environmental efficiency.