Breastfeeding sweaters layered

How To: Layer Augie Knits

Augie Knits


 The most common Augie question we get (aside from size advice)?

What can we wear  under  the Augie and can we layer  over  the Augie?

 And it's a resounding YES for both! So we've compiled this blog to showcase just how easy (and stylish) it is to layer your new Augie Knit.


How To: Layer Your Knits for Breastfeeding


It’s all about the perfectly planned access with the under-layering... 
 And we’re all about makin’ life easier for you mama! 

 This is why our Atlas Tees were designed to sit perfectly under your Augie. Line up that centre access and whether you opt for zip on zip, or zip on press-studs, it’s quick, easy and comfy! 

 Pop on some sneakers, a hat to disguise the dirty unwashed and away we go! 

Best of all, if you're out and about and your day inevitably heats up, just tie your Augie around your waist, and you’ll still be lookin’ fabulous.  

How To: Layer Your Knits for Breastfeeding


Yes! You can layer over the Augie Knits. Their tailored fit means you won't have excess fabric bunching under your arms *pheww!*. Layering over your Augie keeps toasty warm AND keeps you boob-accessible #winwin.

Whether you're after a little corporate chic...
 *add a blazer*

Opting for cosy comfort...
*add a cardigan*

Or our favourite.....
Double denim baby!

The best part of layering an Augie with a denim jacket, is that they’re both cotton and super breathable ... which is a mama must to combat any sporadic, hormonal hot flushes!

 If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket, take a look at our last blog, here.  

HOT TIP: Layering a scarf is not only a great way to add a pop of colour or print to your outfit, but it also doubles for a convenient cover while feeding if that’s your jam!

How To: Layer Your Knits for Breastfeeding


Oh yeah mamas, Augie pairs beautifully with a skirt! 

Whether you opt for a slim-line knitted midi, a free-flowing maxi or a bold, playfully printed skirt; just tuck the front of your knit in, or under the band of your bra … and ta-da! Pop on a nude heel or wedge, some fabulous accessories and grab your fave clutch to take on the town.  

 We’re loving the Bonnie & Kind Baby Kit! It’s been thoughtfully designed to inconspicuously house all your baby essentials …. But still manages to look fabulous for a cheeky night out! You know we’re suckers for versatility.

How To: Layer Your Knits for Breastfeeding


And finally, as much as we love a little dress up every once in a while, let’s be real... most of the time we’re opting for comfort and snuggles. 


So of course, the Augie Knit pairs perfectly with a comfy lounge look, a mum bun, a cup of tea and slippers that can easily be swapped for a sandal if we HAVE to leave the house.


How To: Layer Your Knits for Breastfeeding

Since our first knit released in 2018, we've taken on years of customer feedback and combined it all into our Augie Knit.  

 A new supplier, highest grade cotton yarn, tailored shoulders and our signature zip comfort panel, make for our *best* breastfeeding knit, ever. Yep, we're claiming it!   

We've added in a swagger of mum-friendly features, like added length so you can wear it over leggings without feeling exposed, 100% cotton yarn for warmth and breathability (cya nasty acrylics!). And the pièce de résistance ~ a gorgeous champagne gold zipper for convenient nursing access, now with a soft comfort panel covering the metal teeth. No more scratching for mum when the zip is done up or for bubs when the zip is down and folded open. 

There are so many upsides to investing in a good quality knit. One that is versatile and can slip into your mumlife routine with ease.  

That's Augie.