Caring for Rayon

Caring for Rayon

Caring for Rayon | Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion by Moolk

Yep, we get it.

Just like a rose has its thorns, rayon too has its shortcomings. But don’t be scared off by the negatives. Instead, learn how to tame the beast to get maximum wear out of your Moolk garment.

We’ve come up with a mum-proof way to care for your Rayon below:

  1. Place garment in a delicates bag. Why? Rayon is weakest when wet. Add it to a drum full of clothes, from denim to cotton, and the friction from rubbing against these rougher fabrics can weaken rayon over time.

  2. The care instructions might say “hand wash only”, but ain’t nobody got time for that! So this blog is permission to wash your Moolk item in a garment bag on a cold, delicate cycle (as low as 400rpm if your machine allows). We must emphasise COLD and DELICATE cycle.

  3. Use a gentle washing liquid or powder. Avoid using fabric softener or laundry booster. And definitely do not soak your garment.

  4. Once it’s been through a wash cycle, gently shake out your garment. To dry, it’s best to lay it flat to avoid warping. Use a bench, clothes horse or any flat area (even the grass!), just pop a towel underneath while it dries. After laying flat, gently pull the garment into into it’s original shape.

  5. After air drying, we highly recommend steaming the garment to help the fibres relax and voila - your rayon will come up roses!