May 22, 2018 1 min read

A massive hello to every Moolk mama taking the time to read/watch this blog!

We have so many exciting things happening here at Moolk HQ, so I thought I'd share a little video update to give you an insight into where the business is at and also what's planned for the coming months.

If you can't have the volume on because #sleepingbabe, then here's a quick recap of what's mentioned in the video:

  • Sorry there haven't been new arrivals this month! 
  • We've decided to stop sourcing wholesale clothing labels and focus 110% of our energy into designing and manufacturing our own Moolk label.
  • This give us control over QUALITY, FIT, SIZE RANGE and QUANTITY! Very big factors for all mamas to ensure you all get maximum wear out of our clothes.
  • June promises new arrivals including our newest Moolk label garment, the Atlas Tee (ohh heyyy breastfeeding basic bestie!) and also 2 new colours in the Kempsey Knit - YASS!
  • July will bring more dresses, jumpsuits and more tops too!
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my little biz. It humbles me endlessly knowing I am helping breastfeeding mamas by eliminating one small hurdle.


Thanks again beautiful souls,

Lauren  ♥
Chief Moolk Mama


Size Guide

Buying clothes online can be tricky business, especially when you've just had a baby and your body has changed drastically. I've been there and can totally relate!

We try to offer as much advice on sizing and fit on every product listing, as each style is different and designed to fit a certain way. We're also providing our models detailed bust, waist and hip measurements to help you choose the right size for you. 

The Moolk collection is designed specifically for postpartum mums and for this reason alone, we've made our sizing on the 'generous' side for 2 reasons:

  1. Because nobody has time for tight fitting anything! A little room to move over the 3 B's (boobs, booty, belly) is much better than a not enough.
  2. Because no mama needs their clothes telling them they're 2 sizes bigger than they used to be, even though they're not really, because clothes seem to be shrinking in size these days.

As we're now designing and manufacturing all pieces here at Moolk HQ, we now have more control over sizing and consistency across the board - yay! So below is an updated general sizing chart for your quick reference. You'll find your measurements land smack bang in the middle of 2 sizes #annoying! But please keep in mind measurements act as a guide only. I highly recommend you read the sizing tips on each product listing, as they're more detailed and reflect the individual design and fit of the garment and will often say "if you're in between sizes, we recommend sizing up/down for this style".

Clothing Size
To fit bust
To fit waist
To fit hips
6 84 67 89
8 89 72 94
10 94 77 99
12 99 82 104
14 104 87 109
16 109 92 114