Chief Moolk Mama: May Update

Chief Moolk Mama: May Update

A massive hello to every Moolk mama taking the time to read/watch this blog!

We have so many exciting things happening here at Moolk HQ, so I thought I'd share a little video update to give you an insight into where the business is at and also what's planned for the coming months.

If you can't have the volume on because #sleepingbabe, then here's a quick recap of what's mentioned in the video:

  • Sorry there haven't been new arrivals this month! 
  • We've decided to stop sourcing wholesale clothing labels and focus 110% of our energy into designing and manufacturing our own Moolk label.
  • This give us control over QUALITY, FIT, SIZE RANGE and QUANTITY! Very big factors for all mamas to ensure you all get maximum wear out of our clothes.
  • June promises new arrivals including our newest Moolk label garment, the Atlas Tee (ohh heyyy breastfeeding basic bestie!) and also 2 new colours in the Kempsey Knit - YASS!
  • July will bring more dresses, jumpsuits and more tops too!
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my little biz. It humbles me endlessly knowing I am helping breastfeeding mamas by eliminating one small hurdle.


Thanks again beautiful souls,

Lauren  ♥
Chief Moolk Mama