Ultimate Jeans Guide

Moolk's Ultimate Denim Guide: How to find the perfect jeans for YOU

Moolk's Ultimate Denim Guide:
How to find the perfect jeans for your body

Honestly, shopping for jeans has no business being as stressful as it is. There are sooo many choices when it comes to style, fabric, fit and colour that it’s easy to become overwhelmed, throw the whole thing in the too-hard-basket and continue your undying commitment to your stretchiest pair of comfy leggings instead.

 BUT, it turns out there is no such thing as a bad body - just bad jeans. In fact, the RIGHT pair of jeans can be the ultimate wardrobe staple (perfect for pairing with any of your fave Moolk blouses, tees or knits) and has the power to have you feeling like a million dollars.  So let's help you find your perfect pair, shall we?


1. Find Your Rise

When it comes to waists, your jean rise just comes down to personal preference. Do you feel comfy? What kind of tops do you want to pair with your jeans? You’ll see LOTS of variation on rise out there, but here are the big three.


Low Rise Jeans

What are Low Rise Jeans?
With a shorter zipper, low rise jeans sit considerably lower than your navel around your hip bones. We’re talking juuust a little higher than Britney Spears and J-Lo in 2003.

Best for:
These bad boys work well for the curvy mama who isn’t afraid to show her hips, as well as athletic or rectangle body shapes. Just aim for a fit that hits snugly at the hips or even a smidge loose, anything too tight is going to cut in some uncomfy spots.

How to style Low Rise Jeans:
Low rise jeans are made for layering. They can look best with a tucked in blouse/blazer combo, or a fitted tee for casual days.


Mid Rise Jeans

What are Mid Rise Jeans?
The Goldilocks of the denim world, mid rise jeans are not too high and not too low. They’ll tend to hit just below your belly button, and their versatility means they come in a wide range of fits and styles.

Best for:
Well, everyone! This is a comfy option for pretty much any body shape, particularly anyone who wants to feel just enough structure without being super constricted.

How to style Mid Rise Jeans: 
Mid rise jeans are extra easy because they work with pretty much any top length. If you’re into tying your tees to accentuate your waist, mid rise jeans are a winner.


High Rise Jeans

What are High Rise Jeans?
Maybe only slightly less controversial than the lowriders, high rise jeans are a classic that won’t be going anywhere any time soon. They’ll hit you on or just above the navel, accentuating your natural waistline.

Best for:
Hourglass figures who want to highlight their natural curves, or shorter mamas looking to add the illusion of length to those legs.

How to style High Rise Jeans:
High rise jeans are perfect for dipping a toe into the world of crop tops, and look fab with cropped jackets and tucked-in sweaters.



1. Find Your Style

Just when you thought waist rises were a lot, jeans come in almost as many shapes and sizes as bodies do. We’ve listed common fits and which bodies they typically flatter most, but there are seriously no rules here. If you find a style you feel amazing in? Wear ‘em.


Skinny Jeans

What are Skinny Jeans?
Controversy! Ignoring the current battle between Gen Z and the rest of us on whether skinny jeans are still cool, we maintain this fit is a classic. Although “skinny” feels like a pretty exclusionary name, it’s really just talking about how tightly this style hugs your ankle.

Best for:
Every single one of you. No seriously, skinny jeans are an easy win for anyone - it all comes down to styling.

How to style Skinny Jeans:
If you’re concerned about your curves, opt for a darker colour. If you’re not used to things being so form-fitting, opt for an oversize tee or something floaty on top to create balance. Otherwise? Try out whatever you like!


Straight Jeans

What are Straight Jeans?
Skinny’s closest relative, straight leg or straight cut jeans can be pretty similar to skinny jeans to the knee, then simply follow straight down to the ankle instead of hugging in tightly.

Best for:
Anyone who wants to step out from their skinny jean comfort zone without getting too wild. Apple bodies, pears, rectangles, you name it.

How to style Straight Jeans:
The straight cut is truly timeless, so elevate yours with a crisp button-up shirt and ankle boots, or chill things out with a cute graphic t-shirt and sneakers.


Mom Jeans

What are Mom Jeans?
Named for their popularity with mums everywhere in the 80s and 90s, mom jeans have a high waist, longer back pockets and lots of room around the crotch, before tapering in at the waist. 

Best for:
Petite frames, rectangle and apple body shapes. While they sometimes get a bad wrap, the shape of mom jeans can balance out your proportions by giving you shape around your hips, as well as concealing anything you might not want to emphasise.

How to style Mom Jeans:
If your mom jeans have a looser fit, go for something slimmer on top like a tucked-in singlet or light knit. If they’re more snug, a cropped sweater or loose tee knotted at the waist will look work beautifully.


Boyfriend Jeans

What are Boyfriend Jeans?
These guys have a similar vibe to mom jeans, but with a lower waistline and baggier ankle. So-named for their typically oversized fit, they’re usually ripped or overly distressed, and the idea is to look like you borrowed them from the men’s section.

Best for:
If your style is effortless and casual, boyfriend jeans are your perfect match. Again they’re great for rectangle and pear body shapes, you just have to find the particular version for you. 

How to style Boyfriend Jeans:
Fitted tops balance out the boyfriend jean, and it’s fun to play with expectations and go flirty and feminine on top with baggy “masculine” style jeans on the bottom.


Bootcut Jeans

What are Bootcut Jeans?
Okay stay with me here: more flarey than a straight leg, and straighter than a flare. Their popularity can come and go, but their ultimate wearability is the reason they stay a bit of a classic.

Best for:
Anyone! Bootcut jeans tend to come in any rise and lots of colours, so you’ll definitely be able to find the pair for you.

How to style Bootcut Jeans:
I don’t want to sound too obvious but… boots? Preferably a sleek ankle boot with a slight block heel. Add your favourite knit and a sleek leather jacket if it gets extra cool for a timeless, sophisticated look.


Flare Jeans

What are Flare Jeans?
The party jeans! Flare jeans are the ultimate 70s throwback, and who doesn't want to feel like they're dressed up for a night at Studio 54? Usually high waisted with varying levels of flared legs, depending on how bold you wanna be.

Best for:
Hourglasses and pears. Flare jeans can work on a shorter frame, but they REALLY work for the taller gals. Accentuating your waist, hugging your curves and flaring at the ankle, they help out with some delightful proportions.

How to style Flare Jeans:
Your flares should skim the floor, so check their length and your shoe-height accordingly. Lean in to patterns to embrace the 70s, or tuck in a fitted tee and show off that waist.



1. Find Your Colour

Okay, there are a lot of technical things that come into play with denim washes, so we’re going to keep it super basic and stick to the typical colours you might see.


Light Wash

Lighter denim tends to skew more casual and beachy, perfect for a laidback weekend vibe. If you’re stuck on what to pair with your jeans, lighter denim can be a bit more versatile than other shades.


Mid Wash

The classic! Mid wash blue jeans pair best with neutrals for an unbeatable classic look, but can be trickier to style with some bold colours if you're not super confident with styling.


Dark Wash

Dark wash is a winner for so many occasions, especially if you want to feel a little more “dressy”. They look great with heels and a bold blouse as well as sneakers and a relaxed t-shirt, so you’re covered for any event.



Distressed jeans come in a variety of shades and, but it’s the placement we’re paying attention to. The lightest parts of the denim will tend to pull focus and look larger, so keep that in mind if you’re conscious of any body parts. Extra lines formed by colour can also cut the leg off in awkward spots, so steer clear if you’re looking to lengthen those gorgeous pins.



1. Find Your Body Shape

Okay, there are a lot of technical things that come into play with denim washes, so we’re going to keep it super basic and stick to the typical colours you might see.


What to look for: Jeans for Tall Mamas


Style: Pretty much anything goes! Flare jeans look PARTICULARLY fab on longer legs, but skinnies will feature your best features beautifully too.

Inseam: This is the distance on the inner leg between the crotch and hem, and we’re looking for a length of 30 inches or more.
Made for you: Many stores online and in-person stock ranges specifically made for tall women, so pop "tall" into every google search from now on.


What to look for: Jeans for Short Mamas


Style: A mid to high waist will help create the illusion of more height, and the more form-fitting the better!
Inseam: Unlike the tall mums, keep an eye out for an inseam of 26 inches or less. 
Made for you: Usually “petite” doesn’t just refer to length, so all features of the jeans will be smaller than standard sizes (waist, rise, pockets, features) and proportional to your overall smaller frame. “Short” jeans are typically the same as standard sizing, just with a shorter length.


What to look for: Jeans for Curves and Swerves


Style: If you prefer not to draw attention to certain areas, black jeans are your friends. Skinny jeans, bootcuts and higher waists will accentuate the bits you love and balance your figure.

Stretch:  Avoid 100% cotton denim and opt for jeans that contain 1-4% spandex or elastane. Anything more and you may as well just stick to leggings.

No distractions:
 Don’t add unnecessary bulk with flap pockets, extra buttons or embellishments - sleek and simple is the vibe!


What to look for: Jeans for Adding Shape


Style: Create a curvier silhouette with styles that add volume and interest below the waist; mom jeans, distressed washes, and pleats are great examples

Pockets: ALWAYS go for jeans with back pockets, the higher they sit the better (say hello to your new perky looking booty!)

What a waist: Low to mid rise will help create the illusion of curves by removing the focus from a naturally rectangular waistline shape and shifting it to your hips - without cutting in.


Phew, that was a lot, huh? I hope we haven't overwhelmed you with information and you've picked up a couple of tips to help make your next jeans shopping expedition a little less stressful! Are there more denim styling tips you think we should add? Join the Moolk Mama Community and let us know!