smiling mum breastfeeding her baby in breastfeeding friendly clothes

Stay Cool with Bub this Season: Beating the Summer Heat While Breastfeeding

Summer is officially in full swing, and while we love the longer days and warm weather, it can be a little challenging when you're breastfeeding. But don't worry, we've got some simple and practical tips to help you and your baby stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat. 

Stay Hydrated 

First and foremost, keep yourself hydrated. We’re all just really fancy houseplants at the end of the day; a little sunlight, a little water, and we’re pretty happy. Summer heat can mean you’re more easily dehydrated than usual, and you need extra fluids to support your milk supply. Carry a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go to ensure you're sipping throughout the day.

Dress for Comfort

It sounds like you can’t be comfortable AND stylish; but the two aren’t mutually exclusive! Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics for both you and bub. We’re all about natural fibres here at Moolk, and in summer that counts for a LOT. Look for loose, flowy styles, and don't forget to put a sun hat on your little one if you’re heading outdoors.

Find Shade

Speaking of outdoors, plan your outdoor activities around the cooler parts of the day. Try to find a shaded spot for your feeding sessions; A tree, a beach umbrella, or a shady nook at the park can work wonders in keeping you both cool. If you’re hitting a few spots while you’re out, see if you can fit in an air-conditioned pit-stop or two to really beat the heat.

Freeze Breast Pads

A cool trick (hehe) for soothing your breasts between feeds any time of year is to freeze breast pads or a damp washcloth. The relief hits different in summer! Place them inside your bra to help relieve any discomfort caused by the heat.

Trust Your Instincts

Most importantly, trust your instincts. You know your baby better than anyone, and you’ll start to recognise the signs pretty quickly if bub is feeling uncomfortable in the heat. If they seem too warm or fussy, take a break, find shade, or offer a cool drink of water if they're a bit older. You’re both doing great!

Remember, you're doing an incredible job. Keep it simple, stay cool, and cherish these precious moments with your little one. You've got this, and together, you can handle the summer heat while breastfeeding. 🌞👶💕