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Traditional Maternity Clothes or Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes: What's the difference?

Traditional Maternity Clothes or Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes:
What's the difference?

Not your average maternity brand...

Turns out… those guys already exist! Maternity and nursing fashion has come a loooong way since the days of giant potato sack dresses and stretchy, stretchy pants. Maternity clothing brands cater to mums and mums-to-be with sneaky zips, built-in shelf bras and all kinds of crafty ways to keep your bump comfy. But that’s not quite where we fit in.

So… what is “Breastfeeding Friendly”?

 … and why don’t we include things like shelf bras or lift-to-feed styles in our collections? So glad you asked. At Moolk, we’re breastfeeding friendly, but not breastfeeding specific. But more importantly, we’re for mums. So whilst every style we create is designed (by mums) with breastfeeding in mind, we want your Moolk pieces to stay with you no matter what your breastfeeding journey looks like. Just timeless, high quality wardrobe staples that don’t feel like “breastfeeding clothes” and actually help you feel more confident.


It's all about YOU.

Yes, you! Motherhood is the biggest, beautifullest, demandingest, rewardingest journey you're going to take on in this lifetime, but it looks completely different for everyone... and that's honestly AMAZING! Whether you’re exclusively breastfeeding, mixed feeding, or exclusively bottle feeding, you are going to find Moolk clothes that suit your lifestyle, help you rediscover your personal style and get back to feeling like you again. And we’re just beyond thrilled to be along for the ride! 

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