Breastfeeding fashion, but better.

Moolk was created for mums. The breastfeeding mum, the pumping mum, the mixed feeding mum, the tube feeding mum, the no longer feeding mum and every journey in between mum.

No matter your feeding journey, Moolk is made for this moment. Motherhood.

Every single piece is thoughtfully designed to fit perfectly into your ever-changing lifestyle, to help you feel supported and celebrated throughout your breastfeeding journey (and beyond).

No awkward hidden shelves, no uncomfy secret zips. Just beautiful additions to your wardrobe that you’ll love wearing on repeat. Now and in the future.

Because breastfeeding (and motherhood!) is hard enough without worrying about what to wear.

Together, we’re here to redefine what it means to “dress like a mum.”

The Moolk Story Begins...

Standing half-naked, death-staring her wardrobe from a previous life, Lauren started Moolk out of sheer desperation. She thought; what if breastfeeding-friendly clothes were easy to find, and what if they actually made women feel amazing.

Our Founder

Lauren Siliato

With a background in marketing and graphic design, Lauren took a “make it up as you go along” approach, determined to create a community where mums could build a wardrobe of feeding friendly clothes they actually wanted to wear, all in one place.

A mum of two, Lauren has expanded her list of credentials to include everything from Accidental Fashion Designer to Successful Small Business Owner, and is channelling her years of breastfeeding experience into helping other new mums find their style.

“Forget the 'rules'. If you like it, wear it!”

Mums who get it

The Moolk Mama Community

It's our favourite place on the internet.

Since the beginning, this beautiful community has grown organically as beautifully supportive, like-minded mums came together to share their experiences and celebrate one another. We can guarantee it's not like any other Facebook mums group you've ever been a part of (IYKYK).

Here you can share stories, swap size and style advice, and even drop a selfie or two. You’ll find endless entertainment through regular live chats, styling tips, behind the scenes sneaky peeks, and even a cheeky exclusive offer or two. Plus, our Moolk Mama Community gets exclusive early access to shop new releases before everyone else.

And the best part? You get to experience all this while being surrounded by the kindest mums on the internet, all sharing their journeys alongside you.