#ThisIsBreastfeeding by Moolk

We all know how empowering birth stories are, so imagine the impact a series of breastfeeding stories could have on expecting and/or new mums?! 

Join us as we $$$ a journey of motherhood to collect, and share a series of breastfeeding stories aimed to educate, empower and prepare mums for the journey ahead. Mums from all walks of life, with vastly different stories, will be featured in our video series. They'll impart their knowledge, experiences, regrets, successes and everything in between to paint a real picture of what breastfeeding is and highlight the beauty in every single journey.

It's our experiences, our triumphs, our breaking points, and ultimately our power as breastfeeding mums that will empower others, to uplift them when they need it most and to pass on our knowledge from generation to generation, mother to mother.  

Do YOU have a story to share? We want to hear them all! The beautiful, easy breezy story, the challenging-but-brings-it-home story, the relentless-but-never-gives-up story, and every story in between! Be it positive or negative, about exclusive breastfeeding, mix feeding, SNS feeding, pumping, tongue ties, lip ties, food intolerances, colic, reflux, milk sharing, donating, vasospasms, D-Mer, milk blisters, mastitis, single-sided feeding, low supply, overactive letdown... the list goes on. Basically any breastfeeding experience (the good, the bad, the messy) you think could help another mama if they were in your shoes, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out using the form below, we'd love to hear from you!